More efficient repo transactions for all market participants, through the innovative use of a bank guarantee.

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guaranteed repo

Sunthay has developed proprietary standardized documentation which will govern the operation of a global electronic trading platform managed by Bloomberg.

Through this platform lenders can execute repo transactions directly with borrowers in a cost- effective manner, with each transaction specifically guaranteed by approved financial institutions. Fully integrated post trade settlement flows will then be facilitated by Euroclear.


Increased capacity
Increased efficiency
reduced costs

By providing the opportunity for financial institutions to facilitate repo transactions in a more capital, cost-efficient and risk-reducing manner.

Front to back STP, reduced risk and the resultant reduced capital for financial institutions, greater transparency, and improved collateral management processes.

Through reduced settlement fees and improved operational efficiency.

Through reduced settlement fees and improved operational efficiency.

global platform


The current market convention is for banks to provide credit intermediation services.

Lenders and borrowers of cash, transact with bank-intermediaries who effectively underwrite the credit risk of the transaction for lenders of cash by acting as a principal to the transaction via matched book trading.

The Guaranteed Repo structure allows borrowers and lenders to face one another directly

By providing a guarantee to lender on the performance borrower, the bank can step out as a principal to the trade, and steps back in as a guarantor.

A transformational approach to securities financing

Our global platform preserves existing market structure and relationships, increases transparency, reduces system-wide leverage, and increases financial resource efficiency.

For guarantors
Fee income for guaranteeing client trades, increased funding capacity, and increased return on equity.
For collateral providers
Increased access to consistent funding capacity and term financing.
For collateral takers
Increased access to consistent collateral availability.

A Front to back solution


With a focus on basket trading in US Treasury and Agency repo markets.

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